My New Gig

Life as a Behavior Management Coordinator has been treating me very well! I’m two weeks into it now, and I absolutely love it.

So far, I’ve begun meeting some of my new peeps, all of whom seem really nice. They have various developmental disabilities. One of my roles is to assist in developing the behavior support plans, which my supervisor, who is a Behavior Intervention Specialist, writes. I can give my input on what seems to be working or not working for my peeps. I also travel to the group homes on my caseload for clinical meetings, where appointments and medical information are discussed, and for life plan meetings. These consist of the big picture; life plans encompass all of the services a person receives, and list their skills, needs, and preferences. I’m in charge of the behavior support book at each house, which includes the behavior support plans and any tracking sheets a person may use.

Back at the office, I’ve been setting up my laptop. We use a system in which we can document any pertinent information, and upload the life plans and other documents. We also have a shared drive which we use to organize each of our caseload’s files. Google Calendar has also been my best friend, as always! I seriously don’t know how I survived before it existed, haha!

My coworkers are AMAZING. I decided to go against the original rule of thumb I had told myself I was going to go by, which was to wait about a month before disclosing that I’m autistic. Opportunities came up which opened the floor, so I took them. Everyone was very receptive to this information, and accepted me as I am, with open arms. It seems like they understand how important self-advocacy is to me, and they are rooting for me on my next endeavor, which is to hopefully be a presenter at DD Day in May! 😀 I received an email from the person in charge, who asked if anyone had ideas they would like to submit…more on this later 🙂 Right now, all I can think of is that warm Florida sun I’ll be soaking up after my arrival tomorrow! 🌞😎

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