I’m Shrinking!

I must say, that now that I’m down 87 pounds, I feel GRRRRREAT! 😀 Over the past week, I’ve really noticed a monumental difference in the way I feel. It’s as if I suddenly got smaller, seemingly overnight. My thighs feel leaner, and my clothes are starting to really feel roomier! I had a 7 pound loss this week, too! I bought a couple shirts in a men’s 2X (I typically wear a 3X), knowing that they’d most likely fit soon. Well, I got home and tried them on, and they fit already!

By the time I go to Florida for Christmas week, it’s looking like I’m going to be down 100 pounds from where I was last year when my mom and I last went (and from June, for that matter!). I never would have imagined that this could actually HAPPEN! A year ago, I had no game plan yet, no thoughts of even considering Ideal You. It wasn’t until around late April when I was sitting in the recliner one day, munching on Easter candy, that my mom said to me, “when are you going to do something about your weight? You’re slowly killing yourself.” I had been wanting to lose, and had TRIED to lose, for the past 16 years, to no avail. I had gotten to a point where I figured, “what’s the use? It’s never going to happen.” We had seen Ideal You advertised on TV and on billboards, and my mom made a deal with me: if I agreed to at least go to an open house to check the program out, she’d go with me, as a support. I figured it couldn’t hurt, and that’s where it all started!

So, here I am, just over 5 months and -87 pounds later! I can MOVE. I have stamina. I can now sweep a floor, mop it, and then move on to other tasks, whereas before, I’d be winded just from sweeping a room! I can sit comfortable again. I no longer hover over a chair with caution as I go to sit in it, wondering if it will collapse under me. I look in the mirror, and a see myself: overweight, yes, but NOT obese (ok, technically I am, but I don’t FEEL it like I once did). I look HUMAN again.

The more progress I make, the more I want to keep pushing forward. I’m about halfway there, and there’s no turning back! Here’s to hopefully reaching my goal by my birthday!

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